Welcome to the 2015 Tournament of Champions!

In its 45th year, TOC is the oldest tournament in the Bay Area, and highlights Juventus Sport Club's rich history of serving youth soccer in Northern California and beyond.

While many tournaments are cutting costs by eliminating Consolation games, shortening game times, using lower quality fields, adding surcharges for using the convenience of charging the fee on a credit card and raising the registration fees, we offer you a 3-day tournament with Semifinals in all the divisions, generous game lengths, very high quality fields and service.

We look forward to hosting your team this year.

The tournament is open to U8-U19 (2015/2016 age) Boys and Girls - Copper to Premier level.
This year we added the 5v5 format for U8 and U9 Boys and Girls.


Games will be played in Redwood City and neighboring towns on the San Francisco Peninsula and East Bay. This is about 25 miles south of San Francisco, and is accessible from all three 3 Bay Area airports (San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland).

Schedules and Results

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List of Applicants


Guest player registration 

Tournament Dates, Formats, Game Lengths and Fees:

AgePrelimSemifinalFinalFri 7/31Sat 8/1Sun 8/2Mon 8/3Fee
U8-U9 (5v5)2x20 min2x20 min2x20 min---PreliminariesPrelim + Final---$250
U8-U11 (8v8)2x25 min2x25 min2x25 minPreliminariesPrelim + SemisFinals---$450
U12 - U152x30 min2x30 min2x30 minPreliminariesPreliminariesSemis + Finals---$695
U16 - U192x30 min2x30 min2x35 min---PreliminariesPrelim + SemisFinals$795


·         3-day tournament, with semifinals in every division, exciting formats and generous game lengths.

·         Boys and Girls teams in U8-U19 (2015/2016 age) - Bronze and above levels

·         U19 division will be run based on 2014/2015 age - A last opportunity for your seniors to play in a tournament.

·         Very high quality trophies for both Finalists(1st and 2nd place)

·         Medals for all teams in Final and Consolation matches (1st to 4th place)

·         Pins or gadgets for all participants

·         Passes for either 2014/2015 or 2015/2016 seasons will be accepted

·         Top quality fields - over 95% of the games (most likely, all of them) will be played on high quality turf fields.

·         Varied and exciting competition - we usually have a few teams from Europe.

·         No-hassle tournament check-in on same day as first game

·         No additional charges for using the convenience of paying by credit card

·         Extremely responsive to teams scheduling needs based on travel distance and coaching conflicts

·         All teams will be covered by the additional tournament insurance we purchase - No need for travel forms or CYSA approvals.



·       During the registration process(prior to deadline), every 5th team that applies will get $25 off, every 10th will get $50 off, every 25th team to register will receive 25% off, every 50th team – 50% off, the 75th, 175th, 275th teams - 75% off and every 100th team gets in for free (discounts do not combine - i.e. the 50th will only get 50% off, not 50% + 25% + $50 + $25. If the winning applicant is not accepted, the next applicant will be awarded the discount).

·       Vouchers or other discounts and Sequence winning(described above) do not combine - the highest discount will be applied.

·       To mark the 45th edition of our tournament, an additional free entry will be awarded to the 45th team to apply.


Application Deadline to take advantage of the registration order discounts(see above): June 29th, 2015

Application Deadline w/o paying late fee: July 6th, 2015

Acceptance notification - by: July 7th, 2015

Late Application Penalty: $75 (after July 6th)

Withdrawal Penalty: $100 after June 29th, 2015. After acceptance or July 6th (whichever is first) the whole fee is forfeited.


Credentials: Any registration passes are accepted - USYSA, USCS, etc.

Guests: 7

We look forward to your team joining us!